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PRESS RELEASE: Altitude FC Launches U21 Men's and Women's Programs: Providing Local Pathway to Adult High Performance Soccer

North Vancouver, BC – Altitude FC, the North Shore’s premier semi-professional soccer club, proudly announces the launch of its U21 men’s and women’s programs. This initiative aims to provide a robust training platform for young adults striving for excellence in higher levels of soccer.

The U21 program is designed to bridge the gap between youth soccer and higher levels of play, aligning with Canada Soccer’s player pathway. This pathway offers local athletes a clear progression from youth leagues to post-secondary, semi-professional, and professional soccer. Altitude FC’s new U21 teams will compete in local Fall/ Winter leagues, play exhibition matches versus other regional high performance adult clubs, attend high profile tournaments around North America, and provide a pipeline of players for its League1 BC team. Altitude FC will offer a year-round competitive environment that is essential for player development.

“We are thrilled to launch this U21 program and offer local players a high-performance training environment” said Faly Basse, Technical Director of Altitude FC and Head Coach of the Men’s Team. “Our goal is to nurture the next generation of soccer talent on the North Shore and help them achieve their dreams of playing at higher levels.”

High-Performance Environment 

Altitude FC is committed to creating a comprehensive high-performance environment both on and off the field. The U21 program will feature first-class coaching, off-field support in physiotherapy, mental wellness, and other professional services, and exposure to first class competition. These resources are vital in preparing young athletes for the physical and mental
demands of professional soccer.

Basse emphasizes, “We believe in developing well-rounded athletes. Our U21 program will not only focus on technical and tactical skills but also on the holistic well-being of our players. This includes physical health, mental resilience, and overall personal development. Women’s soccer is on the rise and it is going to be great place for young developing players to
have another option here in BC” said Andy Peat, Head Coach of Altitude FC’s Women’s team. “Our U21 program will be designed to challenge and grow people and players who are too often restricted to age group pathways”

Local Pathway, Global Opportunities

One of the significant advantages of the Altitude FC U21 program is that it allows athletes to pursue their soccer aspirations while staying close to home. This local option means players can remain within their support networks of family, friends, and community, providing them with the stability needed to excel.

“Having the opportunity to train and compete at a high level without having to leave home and my current school is invaluable,” said Aili Marshall, a local youth soccer player who has grown up playing for North Shore Girls Soccer Club (NSGSC), FC Faly, North Vancouver Football Club (NVFC), and the Vancouver Whitecaps Pre-Rex program. “allows us to focus on our development without the added stress of relocating. Plus, we get to represent our community on a bigger stage.”

Join The Journey

Altitude FC’s U21 program is more than just a stepping stone to post-secondary and professional soccer. It is a testament to the club’s commitment to the North Shore community and its dedication to fostering local talent. By providing this platform, Altitude FC is not only enhancing the quality of soccer in the region but also contributing to the personal growth and success of its players.

Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant soccer culture on the North Shore and help our local talent shine on the national and international stages. The program is set to commence August 15th, with local players starting to onboard immediately. For more information on the U21 program and how to get involved, please visit or email us

Interested Players

All players with interest should fill out this form, and the club will be contacting you about upcoming tryouts. 

About Altitude FC

Altitude FC is a semi-professional soccer club representing the North Shore in League1 BC. Established with the vision of developing local soccer talent transitioning from youth to adult soccer, Altitude FC provides a high-performance environment for players looking to compete at the next level. The club offers a comprehensive pathway for youth players aspiring to reach
post-secondary, semi-professional, and professional levels.