North Shore News Article Unpacks Club and League

North Shore News’ writer, Andy Prest, recently met with Mark Marshall of Altitude FC to dive a little deeper on the newly formed club and league in the article “New semi-pro soccer team coming to North Vancouver this spring“.

The article uncovers additional details about the league and club intentions. Mark Marshall was quoted “It’s very much intended to be a relaxed, fun summer event with very competitive, serious soccer on the field that people can cheer for.” 

Andy Prest also touches on the purpose of the league for young players, and Mark mentioned in the article “The whole purpose of the league is to be a transition league for players who have aspirations to play professional soccer, but for whatever reason they’re just not quite ready yet and they need a bit more maturation and mentoring in a semi-pro environment.” Marshall also stated, “We fully expect that we’ll have players from various clubs on the North Shore”.

Other details in the article cover plans and history of the home field, league home and away games, and some thoughts on game day experience.

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