Altitude FC will be playing home games at Kinsmen Field in the heart of the North Shore. Kinsmen once featured a magnificent grandstand that hosted many significant community events, as well as countless adult and youth matches. There were often crowds in the thousands attending soccer games and other events. Sadly, in a tragic blow to the community, the grandstand was destroyed by fire in the 1970’s.

This storied venue has a long history of high-performance soccer. The North Shore United were a local and national powerhouse in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The team went as far as winning both the National and Commonwealth championships in 1938. By 1966 the club had won eleven provincial titles.

Kinsmen also hosted many youth and adult Provincial Championships.

Kinsmen Field was also home to the North Shore Colts, a team that played in the Pacific Rim League in the 1980’s. In addition to consistent success in what was B.C.’s highest league at the time, they entrenched themselves in local soccer lore when, at a four-team international tournament hosted at BC Place in 1985, they won games over professional sides from both Ajax (Amsterdam) and Glasgow Celtic.

More recently, the Whitecaps women’s team played several games at Kinsmen in their 2012 season and in 2016, the North Shore Girls Soccer Club had a team in the cross-continent Women’s Premier Soccer League that played their home matches at Kinsmen Field.

Altitude FC will work in partnership with the City of North Vancouver on making improvements to provide an intimate setting in the heart of the community with a venue that supporters feel comfortable in and motivated by to provide an energy-level that powers the home team. The game day experience will be festive and will include food trucks onsite, as well as other community vendors with which we plan to partner.