Name Inspiration

Vancouver’s North Shore sits on the southern most edge of the Pacific Mountain Range, and is the gateway to the stunning Sea-to-Sky Country. As residents, we live, work and play on many elevations of this mountainous region.  We take pride in our “Sea-to-Sky” lifestyle, and as that name suggests, we intimately understand living at all altitudes. Altitude unites us. 


Colours Inspiration

The three North Shore mountains paint a picturesque backdrop for Greater Vancouver and Altitude FC’s home field. The club colours are inspired by the blue shades of the North Shore mountains and the blue cypress, the grey’s of the mountainous rock faces, and the snow covered peaks that surround us through winter.  

Crest Inspiration

The most recognizable attribute of our region is our mountains and is represented in the emblem by the stylized letter A, also representing the club name.

The horizontal lines draw upon the colour inspiration from our three iconic North Shore mountains. The horizontal lines also suggest momentum, flight and levels of altitude.

Altitude unites us. #WeAreAltitudeFC