Altitude FC Announces Open Tryouts and Player Recruitment Begins

As we draw a close to 2021, Altitude FC has announced the open tryouts dates for their men’s and women’s 2022 semi-professional League 1 BC Season.

It’s no secret that Altitude FC club owner, Faly Basse, fields his FC Faly men’s team in the FVSL Premier League and is currently battling Vancouver Whitecaps for 2nd place. There are some players on this team that will indeed form a foundation for Altitude FC men’s team, and are about to be signed for the coming season. The Altitude FC open tryouts date for men, on January 11th 2022, will provide the Altitude FC coaching staff with an expanded talent pool of players they haven’t already seen to fill up their roster with the top young talent in BC.

On the women’s team side, player signings are already underway, although Altitude FC is calling on all top women’s team players in the province to consider registering for the open tryouts, for January 13, 2022, or reach out to Altitude FC with their interest in playing in this semi-professional league. Faly mentioned, “It’s an exciting time in BC and Canada for women’s players to have another pathway to the top with this semi-professional League1 BC league, and hope that the young talented female players in BC take advantage of that.”

One of the many benefits of this semi-professional summer league is that it does not interfere with the players regular season teams, and allows University players to join when school is done. Players can use these teams to further their exposure, and then return to their regular University/College teams or local teams. 

Altitude FC is looking for players currently playing at the University, BCSPL, or adult premier level to consider the open tryouts. If University players are not able to make the open tryouts, and have not been in discussion with Altitude FC already, we encourage these players to submit their interest on our players contact form on our website. Altitude FC will likely leave a couple spots open for some last minute top talent selections prior to the season starting in May.

Altitude FC will also be monitoring the COVID-19 health guidance closely and may be adjusting tryout operations accordingly.

We look forward to start announcing our player signings as we roll into the new year, and at the same time, we wish everyone a very safe and happy holidays and new year.

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